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    Jolly Good News: Aston Martin Lagonda Could Be Sold Outside the Middle East

    We love pretty much everything about the luscious new Aston Martin Lagonda sedan, except for one thing: Aston Martin is only selling it in the Middle East. Or is it?

    According to a report from Top Gear, worldwide interest in the lip-smackingly beautiful supersedan has not gone unnoticed by Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, prompting the company to explore the possibility of bringing it to other markets. Or maybe this was the plan all along. Either way, we’re happy to hear that the Lagonda is getting a case of wanderlust.

    This was confirmed by Aston’s U.S. spokesman, Matthew Clark, who said, “We are investigating the possibility of bringing it to other markets besides the Middle East . . . Global interest has been very strong so it is right that we have a look at possibilities.” We agree. It is at least right.

    But will it come here? We, um, hope so. While Europe and England are virtual guarantees should the Lagonda be sold anywhere else, distribution in regions beyond those could be limited by the capacity the Lagonda’s dedicated factory in Gaydon, and Aston’s willingness to go through emissions tests and run the car into walls and stuff. Then again, maybe the feds will give Aston a hall pass? It’s happened before.


    Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin today announced two key changes within the management team. Simon Sproule has been appointed to the position of Director of Marketing & Communications and Janette… Green adds the role of Director of the office of CEO to her existing position of Brand Communications Director.
    Simon Sproule, joins Aston Martin from Tesla Motors where he served as Vice President of Global Communications. He has spent more than 20 years in the automotive industry and held senior management positions at Ford Motor Company, Nissan Motor Corporation and the Renault-Nissan Alliance as well as his most recent assignment at Tesla Motors.
    Janette Green, who has been with Aston Martin for 10 years as the company’s Brand Communications Director and is responsible for the global brand’s development in both the automotive and luxury arenas. She has spent more than 25 years in the HLS sector of the automotive industry in a number of key communications roles.

    Geen overname van Aston Martin

    Geen overname van Aston Martin
    Mercedes-Benz heeft geen plannen om Aston Martin over te nemen. Dat zei Daimler-baas Dieter Zetsche op de Autosalon van Parijs.
    Momenteel heeft Mercedes-Benz vijf procent van de aandelen Aston Martin in handen…, maar dat percentage zal volgens Zetsche niet worden vergroot.
    Zetsche: “De huidige overeenkomst is perfect voor beide merken omdat Aston Martin onafhankelijk blijft, maar wel kan profiteren van techniek van buitenaf.” Mercedes-Benz en Aston Martin sloten afgelopen zomer een overeenkomst om het gebied van technologie te gaan samenwerken. Zo gaat de Britse sportwagenfabrikant in de nabije toekomst gebruikmaken van AMG-motoren.

    Aston Martin Lagonda Saloon 2015 production pictures & interior revealed

    Aston Martin looks to the future at Paris Motor Show

    In a year that has witnessed unprecedented investment in its business, along with the appointment of new CEO Andy Palmer, Aston Martin is now turning its attention to the glamour and excitement of the Paris Motor Show which opens to the public on Saturday, 4 October.